Our Story

At the heart of the Lebanese Beqaa valley, where our specialties are cultivated and grown, the richness of the Lebanese soil paired with the pleasant weather bears exceptional fruits rich in flavor, taste, smell and texture. We have inherited a 200-years old heritage coming from our ancestors, from conserving this unique Lebanese fruit taste, to creating high-quality products to delivering the finished goods straight to your kitchen wherever you are!

With the co-operation of Em Akl, who strives to revive the traditional Lebanese handmade Mouneh, alongside our food engineering experience, we have joined forces to conserve this incredible Lebanese Mouneh taste, while maintaining its traditional artisanal ways. We strive to ensure that the original Lebanese taste never loses its touch.

Our partners have deliberately handpicked and selected each ingredient for the best possible taste. We strive to give each of our customer a piece of home that has earned us a reputation of unparalleled quality over the years. You crave it, we supply it.

Our Products